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Lynne Featherstone MP exposes holes in Haringey Council’s road strategy

by Haringey Lib Dems on 30 May, 2013

 Current condition of Cecile Park, Haringey N8

Lynne Featherstone MP has today expressed concern over Haringey Council’s strategy for repairing the Borough’s roads – by identifying numerous potholes in a road that the Council deem to be in ‘good condition.’

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and the Haringey Lib Dems ran a long campaign, frequently consulting residents on their road surfaces and repeatedly asking the Council for repairs.

The Labour-run Council then recently admitted that there is a major problem with potholes in the Borough, and indicated that they would take action on bad roads.

However, the Liberal Democrat MP exposed a document, from the Council, which indicates the conditions of individual roads in the Borough. One road that the Council marked as being in ‘general good condition’ – Cecile Park – is in fact riddled with potholes.

Commenting, Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“If the Council think that Cecile Park is in good condition, then I’m very sceptical about their plans for a ‘pothole blitz.’

“The Labour-run Council have neglected our roads for years, leaving them unsafe for both drivers and pedestrians. It’s about time they started taking this seriously, and conducted a new road survey to identify the areas that really need repair.

“The Lib Dems and I have been contacting residents directly and asking them where the worst potholes are. We’ve compiled a list and we’re sending the info on to the Council, to try and ensure that all the dangerous roads are repaired.”

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