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20 roads to be fixed thanks to Lib Dem pressure – but more needs to be done

by Haringey Lib Dems on 5 July, 2013

Cllr Richard Wilson (right) and local resident Ben Myring measuring a pothole on Inderwick Road in Stroud Green

Following Lib Dem politicians’ calls for action 20 roads will now be resurfaced or patched up.  The Lib Dem opposition has complained for years that the boroughs roads are in a dreadful state and have called on the Labour council to act.  Finally the council has admitted the scale of the problem and pumped an extra £1.5m into road repairs.

The cash injection by the council follows in the wake of months of campaigning by the Lib Dems and local MP Lynne Featherstone and the recent terrible case of a man left with brain damage after tripping over a pothole in Haringey.

This week the council’s Cabinet signed off the list of roads to be repaired. The Lib Dems had requested and petitioned for more than 40 roads to be added to the list to be fixed this year. 20 of the roads identified by the opposition have been added to the road repair schedule agreed at the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The roads due to be fixed at the Lib Dems request:

  • Fortis Green
  • Wightman Road, N4
  • Hornsey Lane
  • St Ann’s Road
  • Shepherds Hill
  • Alexandra Park Road
  • Inderwick Road, N8
  • Rosebery Gardens
  • Coppetts Road
  • Rectory Gardens
  • View Road
  • Pages Lane
  • Granville Road, N4
  • Oakfield Road, N4
  • Creighton Avenue, N10
  • Beresford Road, N8
  • Nelson Road, N8
  • Durnsford Road, N11
  • Rhodes Avenue, N22
  • Alexandra Avenue, N22

Cllr Jim Jenks, Lib Dem Environment and transport spokesperson, comments:

“The council has finally seen sense and taken action after years of campaigning by us and many complaints from residents.

“It is very worrying that things were allowed to get so bad in the first place though, it is hard to find a road in the borough that doesn’t have  broken pavements, damaged street lights or potholes. The change in policy to fill in potholes when they are smaller and the extra cash will help the situation but unfortunately I doubt it will be enough to turn around years of neglect of the borough’s roads by Labour.

“Whilst it is good to see many of the roads we identified on the list to be fixed this year many residents will be disappointed to see their road is not on the list. We will continue to press the Labour council to get those roads fixed too.”


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