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Finsbury Park-Lib Dems call for action not more strategies

by Haringey Lib Dems on 10 July, 2013

Haringey Liberal Democrats have called for action from the local Labour-run council to support Finsbury Park. The Lib Dems are demanding the council work with neighbouring Islington council and local residents to improve the area instead of focusing on producing yet another new glossy policy document.

The call follows the decision last week by Haringey Council to consult local residents on a new planning document for Finsbury Park. The council has said they want to improve Finsbury Park town centre and the station.

The opposition politicians are saying that instead of a policy for Finsbury Park’s future the council should instead be focusing their efforts on improving Finsbury Park and the surrounding area now by working more closely with neighbouring Islington on issues like the recent Stone Roses concert which caused chaos for local residents.

Local residents and local councillors have also called for a consultation session in Haringey so local residents can give their views, so far the consultation sessions are all due to take place in Islington.

Karen Alexander, Lib Dem councillor for Harringay, comments:

“We welcome increased focus on Finsbury Park but the area needs another strategy document as much as it needs a hole in the head.

“The Liberal Democrats have long called for a more coordinated response between councils on issues affecting Finsbury Park. However, we want this in the form of concrete action, not lofty and glossy aspiration documents.

“Finsbury Park’s vibrancy is in spite of the local councils’ efforts not because of them. We will be keeping a close eye to make sure these good intentions do not get lost in the ether like the many other strategies and documents and the millions of pounds that have been frittered away in the past decades.”

Katherine Reece, Deputy Lib Dem Leader and councillor for Stroud Green, comments:

“Given Haringey and Islington’s sad record at even coordinating Christmas lights on Stroud Green road, they have a long way to go to prove they can work together to bring greater prosperity and growth to Finsbury Park.

“The recent Stone Roses concert is an example of the kind of issue were Haringey has failed to co-ordinate properly with Islington council causing chaos for residents around Finsbury Park.

“We will continue to push Haringey Council to work closely with Islington for the benefit of Finsbury Park and local residents.”

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