Hornsey High Street (Depot), 20mph limit and questions for the police commander-on the agenda for meeting in Hornsey

Hornsey High Street (Depot site) proposals for a new 20mph limit and the development plans at Park Road Leisure Centre are to be discussed at a meeting next Monday, 22nd July. At the meeting in Hornsey a question time session with the police borough commander for Haringey, Victor Olisa, will also be on the agenda.

The important local issues will be discussed at the Local Area Forum Meeting at Hornsey School for Girls, Inderwick Road, London, N8 9JF.

The meeting, which starts at 7pm, will also look at the proposal for a development on the Hornsey Depot site on the High Street which includes plans for a 10 storey housing block and a large supermarket.

On the agenda:

  • Hornsey Depot Pre-Application Consultation. Come along and give your views.
  • Borough Commander ‘Question Time’.  Meet Victor Olisa, Haringey Police Borough Commander, and ask questions.
  • 20mph proposals-Details of the consultation on the borough wide 20mph proposals.
  • Development – Fusion Lifestyle, consultation on the development plans for Park Road Leisure Centre.
  •  Finsbury Park – Aftermath of Stone Roses concert and Regeneration Plan consultation.

The Lib Dem Chair of the local area meeting is encouraging local resident to come along and have their say on the plans for Hornsey Depot and ask the police commander questions.

Cllr Errol Reid, Lib Dem Chair of Hornsey, Stroud Green and Crouch End Committee comments:

“If you have any questions or strong views on the plans for Hornsey Depot site on the High Street or the proposals for a new 20mph zone, this is your chance to have your say.

“It will also be an opportunity to raise any concerns or questions about policing issues with the local police commander.

“I hope lots of local people will take up the chance to give their point of view on important local issues and question the head of Haringey police.”

Finsbury Park-Lib Dems call for action not more strategies

Haringey Liberal Democrats have called for action from the local Labour-run council to support Finsbury Park. The Lib Dems are demanding the council work with neighbouring Islington council and local residents to improve the area instead of focusing on producing yet another new glossy policy document.

The call follows the decision last week by Haringey Council to consult local residents on a new planning document for Finsbury Park. The council has said they want to improve Finsbury Park town centre and the station.

The opposition politicians are saying that instead of a policy for Finsbury Park’s future the council should instead be focusing their efforts on improving Finsbury Park and the surrounding area now by working more closely with neighbouring Islington on issues like the recent Stone Roses concert which caused chaos for local residents.

Local residents and local councillors have also called for a consultation session in Haringey so local residents can give their views, so far the consultation sessions are all due to take place in Islington.

Karen Alexander, Lib Dem councillor for Harringay, comments:

“We welcome increased focus on Finsbury Park but the area needs another strategy document as much as it needs a hole in the head.

“The Liberal Democrats have long called for a more coordinated response between councils on issues affecting Finsbury Park. However, we want this in the form of concrete action, not lofty and glossy aspiration documents.

“Finsbury Park’s vibrancy is in spite of the local councils’ efforts not because of them. We will be keeping a close eye to make sure these good intentions do not get lost in the ether like the many other strategies and documents and the millions of pounds that have been frittered away in the past decades.”

Katherine Reece, Deputy Lib Dem Leader and councillor for Stroud Green, comments:

“Given Haringey and Islington’s sad record at even coordinating Christmas lights on Stroud Green road, they have a long way to go to prove they can work together to bring greater prosperity and growth to Finsbury Park.

“The recent Stone Roses concert is an example of the kind of issue were Haringey has failed to co-ordinate properly with Islington council causing chaos for residents around Finsbury Park.

“We will continue to push Haringey Council to work closely with Islington for the benefit of Finsbury Park and local residents.”

20 roads to be fixed thanks to Lib Dem pressure – but more needs to be done

Cllr Richard Wilson (right) and local resident Ben Myring measuring a pothole on Inderwick Road in Stroud Green

Following Lib Dem politicians’ calls for action 20 roads will now be resurfaced or patched up.  The Lib Dem opposition has complained for years that the boroughs roads are in a dreadful state and have called on the Labour council to act.  Finally the council has admitted the scale of the problem and pumped an extra £1.5m into road repairs.

The cash injection by the council follows in the wake of months of campaigning by the Lib Dems and local MP Lynne Featherstone and the recent terrible case of a man left with brain damage after tripping over a pothole in Haringey.

This week the council’s Cabinet signed off the list of roads to be repaired. The Lib Dems had requested and petitioned for more than 40 roads to be added to the list to be fixed this year. 20 of the roads identified by the opposition have been added to the road repair schedule agreed at the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The roads due to be fixed at the Lib Dems request:

  • Fortis Green
  • Wightman Road, N4
  • Hornsey Lane
  • St Ann’s Road
  • Shepherds Hill
  • Alexandra Park Road
  • Inderwick Road, N8
  • Rosebery Gardens
  • Coppetts Road
  • Rectory Gardens
  • View Road
  • Pages Lane
  • Granville Road, N4
  • Oakfield Road, N4
  • Creighton Avenue, N10
  • Beresford Road, N8
  • Nelson Road, N8
  • Durnsford Road, N11
  • Rhodes Avenue, N22
  • Alexandra Avenue, N22

Cllr Jim Jenks, Lib Dem Environment and transport spokesperson, comments:

“The council has finally seen sense and taken action after years of campaigning by us and many complaints from residents.

“It is very worrying that things were allowed to get so bad in the first place though, it is hard to find a road in the borough that doesn’t have  broken pavements, damaged street lights or potholes. The change in policy to fill in potholes when they are smaller and the extra cash will help the situation but unfortunately I doubt it will be enough to turn around years of neglect of the borough’s roads by Labour.

“Whilst it is good to see many of the roads we identified on the list to be fixed this year many residents will be disappointed to see their road is not on the list. We will continue to press the Labour council to get those roads fixed too.”


A Million Jobs …and counting!


Since 2010, more than one million jobs have been created in the private sector. We are proud of the role that the Liberal Democrats have played in directing government investment into job creation and training.

We are now focusing our efforts on improving this record and delivering a million more new jobs as we continue to build a stronger economy for the future.

Jobs for Young People

The coalition government has already delivered 1.2 million apprenticeships for young people since 2010. The Liberal Democrats are now campaigning to double the number of apprenticeships being offered.

Jobs in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the key to a sustainable economic recovery in Britain. Under Vince Cable at the Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills, we have directed an extra investment of over £5.5 billion into high-tech manufacturing, science and renewable energy.

Jobs across the UK

Liberal Democrats have long argued that we need to rebalance the economy away from our reliance on London and South East England. That is why we have also set up the £2.6 billion Regional Growth Fund initiative, to help create businesses, jobs and economic recovery in every part of the country.

Jobs Building Britain

The coalition is using £15.3 billion of investment into our infrastructure to build a stronger economy for the future and to create thousands of jobs in construction right now.
For more information on the Liberal Democrats’ record in creating one million new jobs, and to find out how many new jobs are being created near you, visit the Million Jobs website: http://www.amillionjobs.org

Would you play football here?-Player’s anger as football pitches are neglected by council in Spurs’ backyard

Cllr Nigel Scott on the neglected football pitch at Pond Park

A Local football player in the borough has expressed their disappointment and anger that Haringey Council has neglected local pitches so much that many are not useable. Despite Haringey having one of the biggest football clubs in the country, just a short distance from the Spurs ground are football pitches that are so boggy they can’t be played on.

A draft report by Labour-run Haringey Council details the problems with local pitches and says that in many cases the council will not be making improvements any time soon. The report says some pitches are covered in broken glass and dogs mess, suffer from drainage problems, don’t have changing facilities and are poorly lit. The majority of pitches in the report need improvement or repair of some kind one of the few exceptions are the pitches at the Albert Road Recreation Ground, N10, which are considered the best in the borough.

Despite there being a strong demand for more pitches and lots of local football teams wanting to use the pitches only a small number are being brought up to a good standard by the council. In fact the council has recently removed goalposts at one site to stop it being used and two other sites have been left for so long they have become overgrown and are completely unusable.

The location of football pitches in the borough or owned by the council:

  • Muswell Hill Playing fields
  • Albert Road Recreation Ground
  • White Lane Recreation Ground (Pond Park)
  • White Hart Lane Community Sports Centre
  • Perth Road Playing Fields
  • Bull Lane Playing Fields
  • Down Lane Park
  • Markfield Park
  • Downhills Park
  • Lordship Recreational Ground
  • Chesnuts Park
  • Finsbury Park
  • Pasteur Gardens
  • Fortismere School
  • Woodside School
  • Highgate Wood School

Beyz Beyz, General Manager of London Romans FC, comments:

“I am deeply concerned that Haringey Council have expressed complete indifference towards the appalling state of Haringey’s football pitches. There are no changing facilities at White Hart Lane Recreation Ground at Pond Park where the team plays and the ones at the nearby Community Sports Centre are not fit for purpose. According to their own report there’s now every chance that one of us will land in dog mess if not broken glass when we play!

“As the Council have made it abundantly clear that they will not be improving these facilities we will very likely be moving the team elsewhere next season. Quite frankly, they are driving us out of the Borough.”

Cllr Nigel Scott, Lib Dem communities spokesperson, comments:

“There is clearly a demand for football pitches in the borough and we have plenty. Unfortunately the Labour run council has yet again neglected a local resource and has left some pitches in such a poor state that they are unusable. Naturally I am pleased that Albert Road?Rec in my ward is so good and well used and this is a credit to Robbie and the local Friends Group but I want to see every pitch brought up to this standard.?

“Spurs are a great asset to the borough and we should be using local enthusiasm for football and taking the opportunity that presents to get residents and particularly local kids out in the parks kicking a ball about.

“People in Haringey are more likely than the average Londoner to have health problems so the council?should be encouraging people to get outside and use local football pitches to get fit. It is time the Labour Council stopped making excuses and started getting the basics right.”

Labour council U-turns on improvement works across the west of the borough

local Lib Dem councillor Rachel Allison outside Alexander House one of the block of flats affected by delayed repair work on the Hillcrest Estate in Highgate

Works to improve council homes has been cancelled by the Labour council across the west of Haringey. The decision by Haringey Council follows a legal error by the council. The legal error meant the entire process of selecting a contractor for the works had to been done again.

Over a thousand households living in council properties in Haringey were due to have essential repairs to their homes this year and had been informed of this by the council’s housing organisation, Homes for Haringey. However, the Lib Dems have uncovered Homes for Haringey Board papers that show the work to improve council blocks will be cancelled for over 400 households in Bounds Green, Crouch End, Highgate, Stroud Green and Wood Green. In comparison all of the work scheduled for council blocks in Tottenham will go ahead, with some delays.

Opposition councillors are calling for a full explanation and apology for the many local residents who were promised that their homes would be brought up to a decent standard. The Lib Dem opposition are also extremely concerned that so far the council and Homes for Haringey have not said the promised improvement works will be done next year or the year after. It looks likely that the Labour council will drop the delayed plans to repair homes in places like the Hillcrest Estate and the west of the borough entirely.

The list of homes due to be repaired that will now not be improved this year:

  • Hillcrest Estate and Springfield Cottages (Highgate)
  • John Clifford House (Crouch End)
  • Lawson Court, Wiltshire Court, Wall Court, Churchill Court and Connaught Lodge (Stroud Green)
  • Joyce Butler House, Basil Spence House, Nightingale Road, Marlow House, Truro Road and Clarence Road (Bounds Green)
  • Newnham Road (Wood Green).

Lib Dems on the council’s Scrutiny Committee are also demanding a full investigation into the cause of the legal error that caused the problems with the plans for the repairs.

Cllr Richard Wilson Lib Dem Housing spokesperson adds:

“I am livid that Labour has arbitrarily cancelled council home repairs for 400 households in the west of Haringey.  Just 6 months ago the council prioritised work in these blocks, because their roofs and windows are in desperate need of refurbishment. Now, purely due to council incompetence, those residents are to be told the work is completely cancelled, with no promise of when or if it will be rescheduled.

“I am demanding that the council apologises to residents for this unacceptable legal blunder and to reschedule the work for the earliest possible date.  Many of the council flats affected will have damp problems from the dilapidated windows and roofs that need repairing, which is horrible for the tenants and leaseholders living there. The least these residents should expect is a proper explanation of what has happened and why.

“I am also asking for an explanation for why Labour councillors have targeted homes in the west of the borough for cancellation.  It should not matter to the council if you live in Tottenham or Highgate – council homes should be selected for improvement on need not because of politics or geography.”

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green said:

“I am stunned at the way this issue has been handled by Homes for Haringey. The failure in the tendering process is simply not good enough and I have asked for an urgent meeting to find out what has gone wrong.

“There does not appear to have been any consultation with residents over the decision and I have already been contacted by constituents dismayed that they haven’t been formally notified that the work on their property has been cancelled. Once again the Labour-run Council has bungled the process of communicating with local residents.

“I have already sent an email asking some tough questions of the Homes for Haringey Chief Executive, including when we can all expect work to re-commence. I will make sure that residents are kept updated on the response I receive.”

Lynne Featherstone MP exposes holes in Haringey Council’s road strategy

 Current condition of Cecile Park, Haringey N8

Lynne Featherstone MP has today expressed concern over Haringey Council’s strategy for repairing the Borough’s roads – by identifying numerous potholes in a road that the Council deem to be in ‘good condition.’

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and the Haringey Lib Dems ran a long campaign, frequently consulting residents on their road surfaces and repeatedly asking the Council for repairs.

The Labour-run Council then recently admitted that there is a major problem with potholes in the Borough, and indicated that they would take action on bad roads.

However, the Liberal Democrat MP exposed a document, from the Council, which indicates the conditions of individual roads in the Borough. One road that the Council marked as being in ‘general good condition’ – Cecile Park – is in fact riddled with potholes.

Commenting, Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“If the Council think that Cecile Park is in good condition, then I’m very sceptical about their plans for a ‘pothole blitz.’

“The Labour-run Council have neglected our roads for years, leaving them unsafe for both drivers and pedestrians. It’s about time they started taking this seriously, and conducted a new road survey to identify the areas that really need repair.

“The Lib Dems and I have been contacting residents directly and asking them where the worst potholes are. We’ve compiled a list and we’re sending the info on to the Council, to try and ensure that all the dangerous roads are repaired.”

Council home repairs across Haringey delayed by legal error

local Lib Dem councillor Rachel Allison outside Alexander House one of the block of flats affected by delayed repair work on the Hillcrest Estate in Highgate

Work to improve council homes across the borough may be seriously delayed due to legal errors at Haringey Council, which means the entire process of selecting a contractor for the work must start all over again. Over a thousand households living in council properties in Haringey were due to have their homes fixed this year and could see the repair delayed as a result of the legal error.

The legal mistake has forced the council and Homes for Haringey to repeat the lengthy procurement process for the repairs. Opposition councillors believe this will inevitable cause delays to some if not all of the upgrade works due to happen to council homes this year. The error has already delayed the work that was due to done on the Hillcrest Estate in Highgate.

Opposition councillors are calling for a full explanation and apology for the many local residents who were promised that their homes would be brought up to a decent standard this year.  Lib Dems on the council’s Scrutiny Committee are also demanding a full investigation into the cause of the legal error.

Homes for Haringey confessed there had been a problem with the procurement of the contract for the decent home work across the borough. This means at least some if not all of the repair work will not happen until the 2014/15 financial year instead of this year.

The list of homes due to be repaired includes council properties in:

  • Stroud Green
  • Crouch End
  • Highgate
  • Bounds Green
  • Wood Green
  • Tottenham

The delays could affect nearly 700 tenants and over 300 leaseholders in Haringey.

Home for Haringey’s admission follows on from an issue recently highlighted by the Lib Dems. The council had been due to spend millions on capital projects including on works to homes, much of this money had not been spent this year as planned. This has led to fierce criticism from the opposition who have slammed the Labour council and Homes for Haringey for their poor performance.

The last council home constructed in Haringey was in 1989, nearly 25 years ago. A Lib Dem amendment to the council budget to build 100 council homes in the next year was voted down by the Labour councillors at the budget meeting.

 Cllr Richard Wilson Lib Dem Housing spokesperson adds:

“This error, which follows hard on the heels of the problems with the accounts and the mistakes at the council mortuary, calls into question the council’s ability to get even basic processes right.

“It is shocking that the Labour council can’t manage to procure a contract in time to do works to council homes that have been scheduled for a long time. Hundreds of residents have been let down and are owed a full explanation and apology by the council.

“The Labour council’s incompetence is appalling. It’s bad enough that the council has let its homes fall into such a state of disrepair that they need such extensive remedial work, but to promise improvements and then not deliver is unforgivable.”

Just days left to vote for your favourite local independent shop

The deadline for voting in Lynne Featherstone’s competition to find the best local independent shop in Hornsey & Wood Green is the end of May. There are three categories - best shop front, best customer service and best all round shop.

Cllr Richard Wilson comments:

In March, Katherine and I went around many of the independent shops on Weston Park, Ferme Park Road and Stroud Green Road encouraging them to take part in the competition, which is all about supporting and celebrating our unique local high streets and small shopping parades.

The winner will be announced at a ’summer fete’ event in Hornsey Town Hall square from 11am on Saturday 29th June. You can find out more and vote for your favourite shop here.

I really hope a local Stroud Green shop wins one of the prizes.

Labour council u-turn and agree to look at Lib Dem 20mph plan

Lib Dem councillors and residents campaigning for a 20mph zone

Haringey Council have u-turned and will be consulting on implementing a borough wide 20mph zone having twice previously rejected the idea. Neighbouring Camden and Islington have already agreed to implement borough wide 20mph zones in their areas.

The consultation on the proposals is due to be approved on 18th June when the idea will be discussed at the council’s Cabinet.

The Liberal Democrats have campaigned locally for the change arguing that the costs involved are justified by the reduction in accidents and injuries, which have been experienced in other parts of the country where the zones have been introduced.

Money is available for the scheme; Haringey Council’s own figures show a surplus of £5,544,000 made from parking, an increase over last year of £2,211,000. Camden Council claims that statistics from Transport for London show a more than 20% fall in accidents in Belsize Park, which has had a 20mph zone since 2006.

However, in October last year, the Labour Cabinet Member for the Environment, Nilgun Canver, said:

“Introducing a borough-wide 20mph limit would cost approximately £3.2m and studies have been inconclusive in proving how useful they are. As such, I consider it imprudent to introduce a borough-wide limit when the evidence does not yet prove its effectiveness.”

The council’s Cabinet also decided not to consult on the introduction of a 20mph limit on residential roads in the borough in July 2011.

The Liberal Democrats have campaigned for the introduction of a borough wide 20mph limit since 2010. Hundreds of local residents have signed a Lib Dem petition calling for the introduction of a 20mph zone.

Cllr Richard Wilson, Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition, comments:

“I am delighted that Labour have seen sense, u-turned and agreed to consult on a borough wide 20mph zone following  years of Lib Dem campaigning. It is shame they have decided to wait so long as they have rejected this idea twice in recent years.

“I wonder how many accidents would have been prevented if Labour had listened to local residents when our Lib Dem campaign was launched back in 2010 and adopted the lower speed limit back then?  It is frustrating that Haringey is always playing catch-up rather than leading the way like other London boroughs.”


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